As we believe that your allure is enhanced by natural beauty, we pursue natural beauty to boost your original beauty. With this “natural beauty” as a basic concept for research & development, we undertake the manufacture and sale of OEM cosmetics, the planning of OEM health food products and the sale of containers and packaging supplies for cosmetics and food.

About Us


All of our formulas are original, created and tested by us, on real people – never on animals and always from scratch. Every ingredient in our products is an “active” ingredient.

Moro Cosmetics has developed almost all the formulations of the cosmetic and skin care products produced in our factory and has over the past 15 years built up a library of private label cosmetic formulations numbering in the thousands.


Who we work with

We have the experience, ability and knowledge to help you reach your beauty goals whether you are a(n):

  • Boutique owner looking for a custom cosmetics line.
  • Spa looking to create your own body care products for treatment and retail.
  • Make-up artist looking to create your own brand to use and sell to clients.
  • Internet entrepreneur looking to launch your products on-line.
  • Cosmetologist looking to create your dream line products.
  • Physician looking to create a custom formula for your very own cosmetics line.